Class season ticket (flat rate)

77,00 429,00  inkl. MWSt

Flexible and affordable Iyengar yoga classes! … In the specified time (week, month or calendar quarter) you can participate in the weekly yoga classes as often as you want.


The ticket is valid only for the normal current classes, not for workshops, and is non-transferable.

For vacation courses: the quarterly ticket (season ticket subscription) can be used, the weekly and monthly tickets cannot.

Fee: the weekly ticket 77,00 €, the monthly ticket 220,00 €, the quarter (according to teacher:in circle) 297 €, 352 € or 429 €.

The quarterly ticket is available in 3 subscription variants; cancellation at any time up to 5 days before the end of the quarter:

  • A: only courses of Margareta and Michael, 352 €. Margaret’s and Michael’s classes booked with the quarterly ticket includes access to the online version. You can choose whether to join the class live in the studio or via video streaming at home.
  • B: only courses from the other instructors, 297 € (without Margareta and Michael)
  • C: all courses, 429 € (courses of Margarete and Michael also online, as described above).

Good to know: We are also available by phone and in person at the studio for a consultation or booking. This shop solution for class bookings is an additional offer that could be useful in some situations for interested parties who like the WWW and web-based functionalities. 🙂

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