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Practice Iyengar-Yoga online any time ! …

Online stream of the studio classes of Margareta and Michael

In the case of classes and workshops that you have booked as a live participant (in person or online), the video recording is available for a certain period of time as part of the booking.

  • For weekly classes, lessons are uploaded on an ongoing basis. They are available by password to all enrollees as part of their course booking.
  • For workshops, the link to the recording is sent to the live participants by e-mail. This is valid for 30 to 90 days, depending on the workshop.
  • For those who didn’t book the class / workshop, access to many of the recordings is available afterwards for a fee in the shop .

The 3 ways to get the recordings:

Enrolled or Season ticket?
= gratis (included)

All classes from 2022 and 2023 from Margarete and Michael available

  • more than 1000 current classes available
  • stream unlimited times (active internet connection required)
  • Please ask for password to the links page!
  • valid as long as you stay enrolled

0 €

Purchace access to class recordings!

1, 3, 6, 10 or 20 recordings

  • more than 1000 current classes available
  • stream unlimited times (active internet connection required)
  • links valid for at least one year

12 € – 138 €
(number of recordings)

Purchace access to workshop recordings!

Day, weekend and week-long workshops

  • stream unlimited times (active internet connection required)
  • links valid for at least one year

$33 – 108 €
(type of workshop)

General information about our online classes and workshops:


A little effort in preparation contributes to success. Tidy up your space and provide a clean, inviting environment with good lighting and the recommended props. Notes on the web device (laptop or similar) below.

  • Non slip mat
  • Yoga-Belt
  • 2 Blocks
  • 2-3 Blankets / other support for sitting upright
  • if possible a yoga folding chair
  • space at the Wall (1,5 or 2 meters)
  • perhaps also wall ropes, which you can order in our shop as well
  • Download the Zoom app to your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone).
  • Place the device perpendicular to your mat, if possible at a distance of about 3 meters, 50-60 cm above the floor.
  • Adjust the lighting. Avoid standing in front of a bright window, as the backlight is disadvantageous for the camera and screen.
  • Sit still and prepare yourself internally for the practice.

Please join 5 to 10 minutes before the lesson starts to make contact and check the audio and video settings.

Finally, if everything is correct, check that your audio is set to “mute” (bottom left of the control bar). In Zoom you can switch between “Gallery View” (all present) and “Speaker View” (only who is speaking). In the beginning, it’s probably right to choose the gallery view to “look around” to get a feel for the community. To start practicing, you can then switch to “Speaker View” with the larger view of the teacher.

If you prefer, you can turn off your video, then you will continue to see the teacher, but he will not see you. You can turn your audio back on at any time to ask a question.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY / Conditions of Participation / Data Protection

As in the normal courses, our general rules of participation as well as the data protection regulations also apply to the online offerings as far as meaningful. These can be seen in full using the links below.

The most important thing in the practice in class repeated here:

Participation in all events is at your own risk. We are not medical professionals. Our instruction, advice or recommendation does not replace the advice of a person licensed to practice a medical profession under German law. When in doubt, consult a physician before beginning a physical exercise program.