Mail-order Info

Shipping costs

Books & Media4,00 €10,00 €14,00 €
Props (but not furniture)7,00 €18,00 €20,00 €
Small furniture objects10,00 €30,00 €45,00 €
Large furniture objects50,00 €75,00 €100,00 €

If items with different product types are ordered, only the fee for the most expensive product type will be charged once in total.

Delivery time range

Delivery byDEEU & CH
DHLwithin 8 working dayswithin 14 working days
Pickup at the studioWorkdays 10-13:00 or before or after classes per special arangement


10% Discount:

  • If you order 10 pieces or more of one item, you will get 10% discount on this item. This is calculated automatically at checkout.

VAT exemption for deliveries abroad

VAT exemption for deliveries to companies in other EU countries and

VAT exemption for deliveries to non-EU countries

We have chosen not to use a online shop solution that automatically deducts the VAT in these cases. All prices for goods in the store include 19% or 7% VAT, which is not applicable in these cases.

For companies in the EU: Please write us an email with your VAT identification number or enter it in the “Remarks” field when ordering. We will issue a correct invoice without VAT and send it to you as a PDF.

We also issue a correct invoice without VAT to customers in non-EU countries and send it to you as a PDF.