About levels and special classes


Level 1: Introduction

Einführung: (6 Wochen oder mehr) Für Anfänger ohne Erfahrung in Hatha-Yoga.
Grundlegende Prinzipien von Körperhaltung und Atem werden erklärt und eingeübt. Der philosophisch-kulturelle Hintergrund sowie die Ziele der Praxis werden erläutert. Für diejenigen, die Yoga kennenlernen möchten.


Level 2: Basic sequences

(about 6-8 months or more) For beginners with previous experience who have taken the introductory course or just want to start working on important knowledge and skills right away. Basic postures will be internalized and refined, emphasis on: standing poses, sitting poses and forward bends. Inverted poses (especially shoulder stand) will be introduced.


Level 3:
Iyengar Yoga General Practice I

(Approx. 2 years or more) Strength and conditioning in the standing poses, safety in shoulder stand and plow are developed. Headstand and backbends will be introduced.


Level 4:
Iyengar Yoga General Practice II

Regular, independent practice at home is expected. Varying emphases for teachers and long-time practitioners.

Restorative and Pranayama

Quiet asanas held longer with emphasis on inversion postures. —
Body and mind are attuned to the breath and energy experience. The appropriate sitting posture is practiced. Refinement of the natural inhalation and exhalation; training of the necessary mindfulness; Ujjayi, Viloma, Brahmari Pranayama etc. Only to be taken as a second course in the week.

Not suitable for beginners; if in doubt, please seek advice!

Gentle Yoga, Yoga for Older Age Groups

Normal practice embracing special problems and / or age-related limitations. The postures can support aging in a powerful and balancing way.

Working aroung health problems in Yoga

With many kinds of health problems Yoga can still be practiced in the normal class without any special worries. Inform the teacher before a yoga class about existing restrictions (pain in the neck, knee problems, back pain, menstruation or similar) and you will then be offered alternatives and help in the course, if necessary. For more serious limitations, injuries or illnesses, you can arrange a private lesson (see below). The first step: a personal consultation (by phone if necessary). There we clarify the route and make a (first) appointment.