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Day, weekend and week-long workshops

Seminars take place in hybrid mode (= in presence and online at the same time),
Deviations marked.

8. Dec

Patanjali’s guide

Philosophy discussion group

(only onsite, primary language: German)

Monthly Fridays 19:15-20:15 – no fee

For practitioners with a foundation in yoga philosophy.

We read and discuss the Yogasutra of Patanjali, chapter 3
Host: Birgit Meißner

Über das Yogasutra:

(Wikiwand: Yoga Sutras – contains 196 sutras on yoga, including the eight limbs and meditation. The Yoga Sutras were compiled by Patanjali around 400 AD, incorporating materials on yoga from older traditions. The text had a great influence on Indian culture and spiritual traditions and is one of the most translated ancient Indian texts of the Middle Ages, translated into about forty Indian languages. The 3rd chapter deals with the “Supernatural Abilities” that can arise from practice.

9. Dec

Workshop with Margarete

“Growing Older with a Lively Mindset with Margarete”.

Day workshop, 1 – 4 p.m.
in presence and online

Day seminar “Growing older buoyantly” or “Maturing with ease” or even “The wise frivolity”?!!!

How can I maintain or improve my physical and mental agility?
How can and should the asana practice be modified to prepare for changes in the maturing body?
How can and should already existing vulnerabilities be respected or how can they be healed or at least alleviated?
We work with postures in which an exhilarating, powerful and challenging practice on the yoga mat is possible even with increasing age and thus the “maturing with more ease” can take its buoyant course…

For interested people between 40 and 99 with at least 1 year of IYENGAR yoga practice !!!

66 € – EMT 234818

16. Dec

Workshop with Michael

“Asana practice with the wall ropes with Michael, part 2”.

Day workshop, 1 – 4 p.m.
in presence and online

The “yoga kurunta” (puppet yoga) with the Iyengar yoga wall ropes offers many possibilities to soften, support, vary and also intensify the practice of the classical postures. We will go through a well rounded 3 hour practice mainly with the use of the wall ropes in focus.

For participants: inside with minimum 1 year yoga experience

66 € – FMC 234821

2. – 6. Jan 24

Workshop with Michael

“New Year’s Workshop with Michael”

Week-long workshop

Different sequences are practiced through to give a deeper sense of the real daily practice (dynamic sequences with standing postures, forward and backward stretches; centering sequences with twisting and inverting postures; regenerative sequences [auch Menstruationspraxis]with supported postures and / or pranayama) …

Tuesday – Friday: 9 – 13:00 and 15-17:00
Saturday: 9-13:00
Wednesday and Thursday: additional 17:15-18:15
( talk/lecture)
For participants with minimum 1-2 years yoga experience

Fee complete: 500 € | Morning – 88 € || Afternoon – 44 € || Full day – 110 € – EMT 234819

15. – 19. Jan 24

Elmau Castle from a distance

“Retreat at Elmau Castle with Michael”.

Week-long workshop

Anne asks: Should I book the week at Elmau?
Michael replies:

Dear Anne,
Thank you for the request. I think you would probably like the program in Elmau. We practice in the morning from 8:00 and in the afternoon from 16:00 for 90 to 120 minutes. (Friday only in the morning.) Last year the group was very small (about 7 participants. Before Corona there were 10-20). Props are partly available from the hotel, partly I bring some with me.
If you have never been to Elmau before and can afford the luxury, I can fully recommend the visit. It is really pleasant and beautiful in the house and the nature is spectacular.
Greetings, Michael

Sunday arrival
Monday – Thursday: 8 – 10:00 and 16-18:00
Friday: 8-10:00 and departure
For participants with 1 year yoga experience or more

Booking is made through the hotel, link in the button to the right