Studio rules, terms and conditions

Attending classes/workshops:

Personal responsibility

Participation in all events is at your own risk. We are not medical doctors. Our instruction, advice or recommendation does not replace the advice of a person licensed to practice medicine under German law. If in doubt, consult a physician before beginning any physical exercise program.

Trial class

After making an appointment by phone, you can participate in a trial class without obligation. The trial class costs 14 €.

Thereupon you can:

  • register for a class (single class or as a series)
  • buy a Coupon-Book for 3, 4 or 10 classes or
  • buy a season ticket (flatrate: a week, a month or a calendar quarter).

The registration for the class is valid after payment (cash, EC-card or direct debit).

Registration for continuing your class / class subscription

Enrolled course participants who wish to continue can register for the next class during the “pre-enrollment week” (second to last week of the course). For enrollments during the pre-enrollment week, a discount of €12.00 will be granted.

Become a subscriber! As a course subscriber, you are automatically registered for subsequent courses and receive a 5% discount in addition to the “pre-enrollment discount” (12.00 €).

Dropins / late booking / rebooking / cancellation

Classes can also be attended individually, if space is available. The fee for 90 minutes is currently € 25.00.

It is generally possible to join the ongoing course if there is still space available. The course fee is reduced proportionally.

An administrative fee of € 8.00 will be charged for changes in your booking. In case of withdrawal from the course, a percentage of the course fee can be refunded if the withdrawal is reported at the latest before the third class. An administrative fee of € 12.00 will be retained.


In case of a public holiday during the course period, there will be no class in the normal courses. A make-up ticket will be issued automatically for those enrolled.

(In contrast, however, in the “vacation class sessions” on public holidays, the course hours take place!)

Vacation classes

The normal courses run 39 weeks a year, as described above. According to the schedule, there is always a substitute program in the vacation weeks: Carnival, Easter, Pentecost (2 weeks), summer (6 weeks), autumn and Christmas (2 weeks).

Typical schedule for “vacation classes” (subject to change):

  • Montags bis donnerstags 18:30
  • Several (3 or 4) morning classes at 10:00

On public holidays, classes will still be practiced in the vacation courses. (This does not apply to the “normal” classes, however).

The vacation course including its bookkeeping ist separate from the “normal” classes. Vacation course teachers can be seen on the blackboard in the studio and on the website.

Points to consider as a participant:

  • Just show up, no registration required!
  • Fee for the single class: 24 €, to be paid in cash
  • 3-, 4- or 10-Coupon-Books are valid.
  • The quarterly season ticket is valid.
  • Weekly or monthly tickets are not valid!
  • Make-up tickets from the normal classes are not valid!

Making up a class

The course fee is a flat rate for the course taken, i.e. you pay for your place in the group, not for a specific number of practice sessions. As a goodwill gesture on our part, missed classes can be made up. However, this only applies if notice is given by telephone at least before the start of the missed class. Make-up tickets are only valid for participation in ongoing “normal” classes, not in vacation classes. Left over make up tickets are carried over to a subsequent course, but are only valid as long as you remain enrolled in a course (no continuation in the subsequent course without being registered in that trimester).

  • Registration for the make-up class is not necessary.
  • A make-up ticket will be issued and placed in the “make-up ticket drawer” at the reception desk.
  • The student will retrieve his/her make-up ticket from the bin and give it, without being asked, to the teacher of the class in which he/she is making up.

3-, 10- and Trial 4-Coupon-Books

  • The 10-Card consists of 10 coupons and entitles you to practice 10 times in the advertised classes within 1 year.
  • The 3-card consists of 3 coupons and entitles you to practice 3 times in the advertised courses within 30 days.
  • The heavily discounted Trial 4 Card is valid for 4 classes as above (but with 4 different teachers), which you attend within 30 days.

Before the beginning of the class, you hand a coupon to the teacher. The coupons are transferable (except for the Trail-4-Card. You can also use them as a gift!

With the purchase or redemption of the 3-/10-/Trial-4-Card the participant declares that he/she accepts these conditions of participation in their entirety. At the moment the 10-Card costs 235,00 €, the 3-Card 70 €, the Trial-4-Card 49,00 €.

Weekly / monthly / quarterly ticket

In the specified time you can participate in the weekly classes as many times as you want. The card is valid only for the normal ongoing classes, not for workshops and is not transferable. For vacation classes: the Calendar quarter card (time card subscription) can be used, the weekly and monthly cards cannot. At the moment the week costs 70,00 €, the month 200,00 € and the quarter 320,00 €.

Yoga for health problems

In case of serious health problems, we recommend a telephone consultation with the studio director. Together we will consider how best to integrate a Yoga practice into your life. Please call during our office hours Mo – Fr 10:00 – 13:00 at +49 89 / 53 71 70!

Discount / Hardship

Participants with low income will be granted a reduction of up to 10% of the regular class fee (and also for the 3- and 10-class card) upon application. Special arrangements can be made in cases of severe hardship.



Please register early and in writing. Payment must be arranged at the time of registration. A confirmation of registration or an invoice will be sent.

Fee / Refund

The full fee must be paid no later than 3 weeks before the start of the workshop. In case of cancellation up to one week before the start of the workshop, a refund will be made minus a handling fee of 15 € for day workshops, 30 € for weekend and week-long workshops. Later, a refund can only be made if a alternative participant is provided.

Teacher Training

In some cases, alternative regulations apply, which are listed in the registration form for the training course.



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