About iYoga

Why Yoga?

Through regular practice of yoga postures, a person develops a healthy balance between flexibility, strength, endurance and stability. Observation of breathing refines body awareness and trains the ability to concentrate. This creates a stable basis for mental and spiritual development.

In addition to physical strength and flexibility, the yoga practitioner feels more and more emotional resilience, which helps to accept life’s challenges more positively.

Everyone can benefit from a Hatha Yoga practice and experience more joy in life!

Our Team

Studio directors / “Senior Teachers”

Michael Forbes

Level 3 (formerly “Senior Intermediate II”), studio director

Margareta Eckl

Level 3 (formerly “Senior Intermediate I”), studio director

Our teaching staff

Andrea Treffer

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1

Andrea Mehnert-

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 2

Birgit Meissner

Certified Iyengar-Yoga
Level 2

Christl Anders

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1


Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher IYD since 2019. Training with Margarete and Michael.

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher IYD since 2019. Training with Margarete and Michael.


Born in 1970. Iyengar Yoga teacher training at the iYoga Munich studio since 1995, graduated in 2007.
Certified (Level 2, 2017) IYD.


Yoga practice since 1993 with Michael Forbes, certified Iyengar Yoga teacher IYD 2011, training with Rita Keller and Bob Blaeser.


Certified Iyengar-Yoga, Level 1

Claudia Lamas Cornejo

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 2

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher since 2018, Level 2 since 2023. Board member of the IYD.



Elisa Bruni

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher for many years. After several years in Australia, where she was born, back in Munich.


Iason Papaioannou

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 2

Certified 2019,
Level 2 since 2023.



Jessica von Saucken

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 2

Born in 1971, certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, IYD 2012, practicing yoga since 1995, trained at iYoga in Munich.
Own courses since 2003.


Michela Digiusto

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1

Born in 1972, practicing yoga since 1993, own classes since 2020. Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Level 1, 2022 (training with Michael and Margarete).


Sabine Bouyssy

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1

Born 1968, designer.
Practicing yoga since 1998, Iyengar yoga since 2003, training with Margareta and Michael. Own courses since 2016, IYD certificate 2018.


Sonja Berger

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 2

Born 1967, graduate psychologist,
Iyengar Yoga since 1988, own courses since 1993, SKA degree in 1994, certified Iyengar Yoga teacher IYD. Zazen since 1993. Yoga & Zen in Almtalzendo, Austria.



Born in 1976, trained with Michael Forbes at iYoga Munich
Certified Iyengar yoga teacher level – 2023. Yoga practice since 2012. Own courses since 2022.

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1

Silke Severin

Stefanie Weich

Certified Iyengar-Yoga,
Level 1

Born 1968, certified Iyengar yoga teacher since 2017, trained with Michael and Margareta. Certified sports teacher for rehabilitation and prevention TUM, alternative practitioner. Own practice in Munich-Pasing (osteopathy, Gestalt psychotherapy and TCM).


Where is iYoga?

Waltherstraße 23
at Goetheplatz
80337 Munich

Spaces & props

In the spring of 2005, after 14 years in Maistraße, we took over a floor of the office building in the courtyard at Waltherstraße 23, (at Goetheplatz) with just under 600 m² Construction took 5 months and the first practice took place in the fall. In bulding we first took out all existing walls, ceilings and floors from the former open-plan office. We installed special load-bearing partition walls and wall ropes for approx. 60 participants, comprehensive ventilation with heat exchangers, ceiling ropes for approx. 50 participants and bamboo parquet flooring in all rooms. You will also find a spacious lounge area, a checkroom with lockers, and a shower. Now after almost 20 years here we are glad to have made the investment in an optimal practice setting and invite all yoga enthusiasts to come and see the studio live.

All those interested in yoga are welcome!

New comers


Newcomers are always welcome in class. After the initial orientation, many continue to practice regularly in the course for months or years.

Continuing and Advanced

Advanced yoga practitioners will find challenging courses and workshops that will continue to enhance their practice for years and decades to come.

Teacher Training


Aspiring yoga teachers are trained and mentored from the very beginning up to establishment in the profession of teaching Yoga.

iYoga in English


Our friendly and competent certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers

We ususally teach classes in German.
But all teachers can teach bilingually, German / English, as needed.
(Elisa and Michael are native speakers.)
Also watch out for the Foundations Class on Mondays with Michael with primary language: English!

iYoga online

All courses and seminars take place on-site. Some of them take place in hybrid mode (simultaneously online). These can be noted in the schedule and can then be attended at your choice here in the studio or via Zoom streaming at home.

iYoga via recording


Since March 2020, we have made many hundreds of recordings of yoga classes with Margarete and Michael. In addition to the possibility of practicing in a class and then requesting a recording of it, you can also choose from our catalog of over 1000 recordings and “buy” access to them.

Frequently asked questions

Bietet iYoga eine Probestunde an?

After making an appointment by phone, you can join a practice session for a trial without obligation. The trial lesson costs 15 €.

Thereupon you can

  • register for a course (single class or as a series)
  • buy a card for 3, 4 or 10 classes or
  • buy a season ticket (week, month or quarter).

Was für Menschen üben im Kurs?

Young and old (teens and seniors), men and women, beginners and advanced, office workers and athletes, poets and journalists, carpenters and bricklayers, heart-centered, head-centered, body-centered. All of them can use Iyengar yoga.

Muss ich jung sein, um teilzunehmen?

No. Regardless of age and condition, you can start yoga at any time. There is also a “Gentle” yoga class if you are concerned that the regular classes may be too strenuous.

For significant health issues, please see the info below.

Was, wenn ich die Yoga-Haltungen, die unterrichtet werden, nicht kann?

It doesn’t matter.

None of us can do “all” yoga poses. Each posture can be adapted to your needs, e.g. with appropriate use of props.

And anyway – The attitude of a practitioner and a learner is to face the momentary challenge with equanimity and curiosity. Once you have understood the structure and inner workings of the posture, then it is a matter of dwelling from moment to moment at your personal limit. The idea of “can” is of little relevance.

Was erwartet mich eigentlich im Iyengar-Yoga-Unterricht?

Iyengar yoga can be recognized by the

  • • precision and alignment in the practice of the postures (asanas),
  • • consciously designed sequence of the postures, which should lead to a certain goal,
  • timing, i.e. the duration and rhythm of the postures, and the use of props in some situations
  • • use of props in some situations to help the student achieve an optimal experience in the posture. Props not only align one part of the body to another, but the whole body learns to function better. When the body is precisely aligned, the breath is equally finely tuned. When the breath is in balance, the mind, emotions and senses also come into balance.

The teaching of the postures in an Iyengar Yoga class is essentially consistent throughout the world. The teacher teaches the postures he or she has chosen to target, but the way they are taught is the same everywhere. This means that a student can go to any Iyengar Yoga teacher and immediately join the group.

Generally, the class begins with a moment of silence to settle into the practice. This is followed by some preparatory postures to activate the body and promote a state of concentration in the mind. Standing poses are practiced frequently, learning basic alignment and major adjustments of the body. These must be internalized before more advanced postures can be mastered. Standing postures also form the foundation of the most difficult postures and must be practiced continuously.

The practice could then come to special categories, such as backbends, even more standing poses, forward bends, inversions, or restorative poses. Pranayama (which involves breathing and relaxation techniques) is usually practiced in a class specifically designed for this purpose. Students usually begin pranayama after two years of normal asana practice, although some basic pranayama exercises can be incorporated into the final relaxation of a normal asana class. A class ends with restorative postures.

Often a series of yoga classes is set up in a continuous monthly pattern, with each week of the month having a new focus:

  • 1st Week: standing poses
  • 2nd Week: forward extensions
  • 3rd Week: backward extensions
  • 4th Week: restorative poses.

The high skill and training standard of the teachers makes for safe class for the students. Many students leave an Iyengar yoga class thinking they are now standing up straighter and full of energy, even though some pretty vigorous work has been done.

Wie kann ich nach der Probestunde teilnehmen und was kostet es?

If after the trial lesson you have decided to attend yoga classes with us in the near future, the teacher can advise on options. As a special offer for newcomers, we have the trial 4-card for 54,00 € (4 dates with 4 different teachers, valid for 4 weeks). Otherwise, there are 3 ways to book our yoga classes:

Individual classes

For free spirits who cannot or do not want to commit themselves to particular calender dates

Dropin: 27 €
1 x 90 Minutes

Trial 4-coupon book: 54 €
Valid for 4 weeks, 1 x each with 4 different teachers, non-transferable

3-Coupon-Book: 77 €
Valid for 4 weeks, transferable

10-Coupon-Book: 245,00 €
Valid for 1 year, transferable

Class series

Regularly practice in the same course 1 x a week

Fee: 19,77 €
on average per class

13 dates
Per Trimester

Make-up classes
Make-up classes are available if you miss your regular class


Time-based flat rate to be able to practice in all courses at any time

1 week: 77,00 €
get to know iYoga in a week

1 month: 220 €
Approx. 27% savings

1 Quarter year: 297 €,
352 € or 429 €
Approx. 55% savings

In addition to the courses, we also offer workshops (usually 180 minutes or longer) with varying subjects and emphases. For booking go here.

Welche Kurse eignen sich am besten zum Einstieg?

Ideally, you start with the “Introduction”. This gives an impression of the practice and our approach. But also all courses with the level designation I, I-II or I-III are open for beginners.

Was sollte ich mitbringen und wie ziehe ich mich an?

You can bring your own yoga mat or a towel etc., but you don’t have to. We provide all the necessary props. You are also welcome to purchase propsfor use at home in our boutique or conveniently and securely online in our online store.

You should preferably wear shorts and a t-shirt or leggings and a t-shirt, please do not wear “loose” clothing that hides the contour of your body. We practice Yoga barefoot.

Soll ich kurz vor der Yogastunde noch etwas essen?

It’s best to practice on an empty stomach, so don’t eat anything about 2 hours before class.

Gibt es Regeln, an die ich mich als Teilnehmer halten muss?

  1. 1. Arrive to class on time.
  2. 2. Wear appropriate, freshly laundered clothing to class. Pay attention to personal hygiene. (There is also a shower facility in the studio. If you come to practice right after work in the evening, consider whether it would be fair to your fellow students to take a short shower before practice). Pay attention to personal hygiene. (There is also a shower facility in the studio. If you come to practice right after work in the evening, consider whether it would be fair to your fellow students to take a short shower before practice).
  3. 3. Please take off your shoes on entering the studio.
  4. 4. Turn off your cell phone! (even if it remains in the changing room!)
  5. 5. Please lock valuables in the lockers. The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. 6. Do not bring drinks into the practice space.
  7. 7. Be mindful of your props. Tidy up after class and store the props you used properly.

Kann ich vor oder nach dem Yoga im Studio duschen?

If necessary before the lesson, by all means !!! But also if necessary after. Most yoga classes are challenging but not the total sweaty workout. We offer the shower, provide bath towels and leave it to the participants …

Ich bin gesundheitlich angeschlagen. Kann ich trotzdem im Kurs mitüben?

If you have any serious health disorders, you should call the studio director / the teacher beforehand to consult about yoga class would be right for you. The teacher should be told of any other problems or conditions (including menstruation) before your yoga class begins. We are skilled in dealing with most common everyday ailments (“simple” knee, back, neck or head pain, mild high blood pressure controlled by medication, etc.). Yoga class, however, does not mean a specific therapy for such problems. You must seek this from your doctor or alternative practitioner. We are looking for ways to help you develop a normal and comprehensive yoga practice with as little risk as possible.

Kann Iyengar-Yoga gesundheitliche Probleme lösen?

Much of his knowledge has been passed on to his students. Much of his knowledge has been passed on to his students. This work is reserved for advanced teachers. Certified Iyengar Yoga teachers will know in which cases they are competent and can help. (“Healing” and “therapy” in Germany, from a legal point of view, are only allowed by members of the state-recognized healing professions).

Wie ist die Praxis bei Menstruation?

Women with normal menstruation can / should attend their normal class and inform the teacher beforehand. Postures that stretch or tighten the abdominal area, inverted postures and generally strenuous postures should be avoided. The teacher will therefore offer you sometimes – parallel to the “normal” practice for the group – alternative postures that are more suitable during menses.

In general, the woman should rest and practice restorative poses, avoiding inversions and strenuous activity. For more detailed explanations, please see Geeta Iyengar’s essay “Questions and Answers Regarding Menstruation” (2003).

Ich bin schwanger. Kann ich trotzdem im Kurs mitüben?

Sure. The best way to do this as a newcomer is come to our “Yoga for Pregnancy” class if possible. There, in the smaller group, you will be able to practice the most important postures and principles that apply to yoga practice during pregnancy. Experienced practitioners who become pregnant can usually continue practicing in their class. If possible, tell your yoga teacher right away that you’re expecting. He or she will sometimes offer you an alternative pose.

Ab wann kann ich die Yoga-Übungen allein zu Hause machen?

If you think you have understood something during class, you can of course copy work on it at home. After about half a year of yoga instruction, it is recommended to slowly enter into the methodical yoga practice at home as well.

Welche Yoga-Literatur ist für den Anfang zu empfehlen?

From the Iyengars: “Yoga in Action, Preliminary Course”, “Yoga – The Iyengar Way”, “Light on Yoga”, “Yoga for Beginners”. Please also have a look at the book section of our online store.

Welche Yoga-Hilfsmittel brauche ich für das Üben zuhause?

Of course, in the beginning you can improvise with normal household items (thick book, old tie, blankets, etc.). If you are ready to invest in professional props, then

  • • first of all, non-slip mat, belt and block (better 2).
  • • It would be very nice if you also had a good blanket and shoulder stand pad.
  • • A large pillow (bolster) and a folding chair expand the possibilities.
  • • The “Basic Practice” CD with the recorded practice session by Michael is also helpful.

You can get all the tools in our online store,

  • • also the practical, useful short yoga pants in beautiful colors.

Hat Iyengar-Yoga eine philosophische Basis?

Iyengar yoga as a method consists of postures and breathing technique, practiced carefully and intimately – “meditative”. This meditation is based on the “Yoga Sutras” of Patanjali, who lived about 2000 years ago. It is about the living reality of a human being and his/her structure of consciousness, about mental peace, harmony, the relief from mental suffering and finally about the ultimate bliss (Samadhi) in the concise aphorisms of the Yoga Sutras. This is explained in several books by Mr. Iyengar. The simplest explanation is probably in the introduction to “Light on Yoga”.

Welche allgemeine Verhaltensregeln gibt es in Yoga?

Behave according to Patanjali’s recommendations in relation to others:

  • • Do not hurt
  • • Do not lie
  • • Do not steal
  • • Do not abuse (seduce)
  • • Do not hoard

and in relation to yourself:

  • • Be pure in thought, word and deed
  • • Be content
  • • Be disciplined and diligent
  • • Learn and reflect
  • • Devote your efforts to the greater good.



Iyengar Yoga München – iYoga
Waltherstr. 23 at Goetheplatz
80337 Munich

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Opening (office) hours:
Mo-Fr: 10:00-13:00


Do you have questions, suggestions or would you just like to get in touch with us? Write to us and we will reply within 24 hours on weekdays. Alternatively, you can reach us during our office hours Mon – Fri 10:00 – 13:00 by phone at +49 89 / 53 71 70.

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