Autumn vacation classes
October 30 – November 5, 2023

Teachers for the vacation classes

Level 1 to 3, 90 minutes, also suitable for beginners!
No pre-registration, just show up!
Individual classes: Vacation dropin rate: €25 (cash, debit card or direct debit).
Also valid for practicing in the vacation classes:

  • 3, 4, and 10 coupon books
  • Season ticket (quarterly subscription) (weekly or monthly tickets not valid for vacation classes)
  • NEW: the newly created 10-coupon book LITE (150 €, valid for 8 months) is valid for vacation classes for those enrolled in the normal class trimester (effective fee on average: 15 €)

All courses take place on site. Some classes are held in hybrid mode (on site and simultaneously online), see the table below.
All classes take place in on site. Some classes are also held simultaneously online, see the table below

Weekly Schedule

October 30 – November 5
Monday10:00SabineOn site
Tuesday10:00StefanieOn site
(new teacher! 🙂 )
Friday10:00Andrea TOn site

Class schedule exceptions

planned in the next days
(as if ** 23.10. **):

everything’s fine for now

Link to online classes

The link takes you directly to the “zoom session” that is currently taking place. Participation requires that you have also booked the lesson (e.g. with a 10-card, course series, time card). If necessary, see the booking overview.

In case of difficulties
type the ID(Meeting-ID) 890 0678 3384, and the Passcode 760227
by hand into the browser!

Info for reference:

Buchungsmöglichkeiten / Gebühren auf einem Blick

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Wie geht eine Probestunde?

After making an appointment by phone, you can join a practice session for a trial without obligation. The trial lesson costs 15 €.

Thereupon you can

  • register for a course (single class or as a series)
  • buy a card for 3, 4 or 10 classes or
  • buy a season ticket (week, month or quarter).
Wie sind die Kursnummer gebaut?

Z.B. “FMC 23 2 1 3 1”:

  • “FMC”: The teacher code (Forbes Michael)
  • “23”: The year 2023
  • “2”: the Quarter, here the 2nd Quarter (April, Mai, Juni)
  • “1”: The day of the week (Monday)
  • “3”: The third class on this day
  • “1”: takes place in room “1

Level-1: Introduction

  • Level-1: (6 weeks or more) For beginners with no experience in Hatha Yoga.
    Basic principles of posture and breath are explained and practiced. The philosophical-cultural background as well as the goals of the practice are explained. For those who want to get to know yoga.
  • Level-2: (about 6-8 months or more) For beginners with previous knowledge who have done the introductory class or just want to start working on important knowledge and skills right away. Basic postures are internalized and refined, emphasis: standing postures, seated postures and forward bends. Inverted postures (especially shoulder stand) are introduced.
  • Level-3: (Iyengar Yoga General Practice I) (approximately 2 years or more) Strength and stamina in the standing cycle, safety in the shoulder stand and plow are developed. Headstand and backbends are presented.
  • Level-4: (Iyengar Yoga General Practice II) Regular, independent practice at home is expected. Different emphases for teachers and long-time practitioners.
Besondere Kurse

Still and mainly asanas with long timings with emphasis on inversion postures. Not suitable for beginners; if in doubt, seek advice!


Body and mind are attuned to the breath and energy experience. The appropriate sitting posture is practiced. Refinement of natural inhalation and exhalation; training of necessary mindfulness; Ujjayi, Viloma, Brahmari Pranayama, etc. To be taken only as a second class together with a weekly asana class. Not suitable for beginners; if in doubt, seek advice!


Normal practice incorporating life and age-related limitations. The postures can support aging in a powerful and restorative way.


Normal practice with special attention to the needs of women.


Adapted to pregnancy, safe, mindful postures are connected to the breath and provide calm, clarity and well-being.


About 8 weeks after the birth, the woman can start again with an (adapted) practice. These are gentle postures that meet the need for recovery and restore stability and strength to the body. As long as the baby can not yet activly crawl, the course “Mother-Baby Yoga” works. A small group of women practice under guidance; the babies lie with them and are (hopefully) content.


In the case of a variety of health problems can be practiced without further ado in the normal class. Inform the teacher before a yoga class about existing limitations (pain in the neck, knee problems, back pain, menstruation or similar) and you will be offered alternatives and help in class if necessary.In case of more serious limitations, injuries or illnesses you can arrange a private class (see below). The first step: a personal consultation (by phone if necessary). There we clarify the route and arrange a (first) appointment.


It is entirely up to the practitioner’s concern as to what topics are covered, whether it be detailed corrections of “normal” postures or the creation of a home exercise program that takes into account specific problems or limitations that may receive too little attention in a normal exercise class. Date and price after personal or telephone arrangement.

WebShop für Kursbuchungen

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The lessons take place live with teacher and together with other practitioners through the video conferencing software. We use “Zoom”, a free app for the participant:in for Windows, iOS and Android. Optimal is the installation on a laptop. PC, tablet or smartphone can also be used.


The link in the button above will take you directly to the “zoom session” currently taking place.

Participation requires that you have also booked the lesson (e.g. with a 10-card, course series, time card). If necessary, see the booking overview.


A little effort in preparation contributes to success. Tidy up your space and provide a clean, inviting environment with good lighting and the recommended props. Notes on the web device (laptop or similar) below.

  • Non slip mat
  • Yoga-Belt
  • 2 Blocks
  • 2-3 yoga blankets (not too soft!)
  • if possible a yoga bolster (“big pillow”) or other sitting support
  • space at the Wall (1,5 or 2 meters)
  • if possible a folding yoga chair, otherwise a stable, simple chair
  • if possible a wall rope set (all tools are available in our store!)

Download the Zoom app to your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). >>

Place the device across your mat, if possible 2-3 meters away, 50-60 cm above the floor.

Adjust the lighting. Avoid standing in front of a bright window, as the backlight is disadvantageous for the camera and screen.

Sit still and prepare yourself internally for the practice.

Preparation for the CLASS

Please join 5 to 10 minutes before the lesson starts to make contact and check the audio and video settings.

Finally, if everything is correct, check that your audio is set to “mute” (bottom left of the control bar). In Zoom you can switch between “Gallery View” (all present) and “Speaker View” (only who is speaking). In the beginning, it’s probably right to choose the gallery view to “look around” to get a feel for the community. To start practicing, you can then switch to “Speaker View” with the larger view of the teacher.

If you prefer, you can turn off your video, then you will continue to see the teacher, but he will not see you. You can turn your audio back on at any time to ask a question.


As in the normal courses, our general rules of participation as well as the data protection regulations also apply to the online offerings as far as meaningful. These can be seen in full using the links below.

The most important thing in the practice in class repeated here:

Participation in all events is at your own risk. We are not medical professionals. Our instruction, advice or recommendation does not replace the advice of a person licensed to practice a medical profession under German law. When in doubt, consult a physician before beginning a physical exercise program.


Every weekly lesson by Margarete and Michael, as well as many seminars, are recorded and made available to participants as part of the booking.

Even if you have not practiced live, you can buy streaming access to individually or several hours together as a package directly in the store.

Beginning May 1, 2022, streaming access to records is limited as follows:

  • Weekly courses as participant:in – 90 days
  • Workshops as participant:in – 60 days
  • Current weekly classes / seminars in the store purchased individually or as a package: 1 year

The archive packages on memory sticks can be played without a time limit: these are, for example, 108 course hours or a collection of seminars from past years, which we have downloaded and stored on a 128 GB USB stick. On sale in the store soon.


In der Liste links steht bei manchen Lehrer:innen ein ” KK “, das für “Krankenkassen-Zuschuß möglich” steht. The details are available from the individual teachers. The studio manages the booking and issues a receipt. The certificate of attendance and other specific requirements of the health insurance companies are administered by the teacher:in him/herself.

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