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iYoga offers a wide range of Iyengar Yoga classes on 600 m² with professional yoga equipment. Whether yoga novice or advanced – all are welcome!

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Yoga classes and workshops for every scenario

From introductory and basic classes to pregnancy yoga to pranayama and more, we offer a wide range of courses. Deepen your practice in weekend and week-long workshops.

Yoga classes
Yoga workshops

Experienced yoga teachers guide you in all classes

15 certified teachers currently conduct classes and are always available for advice and support.

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Just call or check out the class schedule and then take a trail yoga class to get to know Iyengar Yoga first hand.

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Michael Forbes & Margarete Eckl

Iyengar-Yoga-Munich.iYoga was founded as a studio back in 1986 by Michael Forbes and has been offering Iyengar®Yoga classes at all levels ever since. Guest teacher workshops with leading international teachers, yoga teacher training, and mail-order props service are all part of our offering.

Margarete Eckl has been part of the team since 1997. Margarete and Michael are both “senior teachers”, instructors, assessors and leading members of the national Iyengar Yoga Association. Even after so many years we’re still in the thick of the further development of Iyengar Yoga. We hope for your interest and that you’ll pay us a visit to our studio soon.

With respect and love, M&M.

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Our classes and workshops for newcomers and experienced practitioners

We see our studio as a professional institute that aims to bring the benefits of a genuine yoga practice to as many people as possible. Margarete Eckl and Michael Forbes are among the leading Iyengar Yoga teachers in Europe. All other studio-teachers have been trained intensively over many years. They are not yoga “trainers” but real teachers who also see themselves as learners. All of them are in constant contact with the further development of Iyengar Yoga in India, Europe and the USA. Newcomers are welcome at any time (see the introductory series), after this initial orientation many continue to practice regularly in class. Advanced students find challenging classes and workshops that continue to challenge them for years and decades to come. Aspiring yoga teachers are trained and mentored from the very beginning till establishment in the profession.

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Weekly classes


Emanuela S.

“Dear Michael, Dear Margareta, I want to write a short note today to tell you how happy I am to have met you and (and of course Jessica) and to have discovered Iyengar Yoga. I’ve been traveling around the world in the last few years (at the moment in Capstadt) and it is so great that Iyengar Yoga seems to travel with me like a little piece of home. The connection between all the Iyengar Yoga Teachers through the common substance of the teachings but also through the common link to Pune is easy to feel. It’s a familiar spirit that fills the room immediately at the beginning of class. Thanks so much for your valuable service and greetings to you all in Munich”


“Good morning Margareta and Michael!
Last weekend I once again became aware of what a great gift it is to be present in the teacher training with you two, to profit from the quality of your classes and your knowledge and to learn from you. None of your classes resembles the others and there’s always a new impulse, direction, aspect or emphasis which flows through and unifies the class. This variety, the precision and wealth are true “treasures” for my own learning and practice. So, I had to finally articulate this and write. Looking forward to seeing you soon in the treasure chamber of the asanas and instructions…”

Eva M.

Dear Mr. Forbes, The CD which I recently bought at your place is wonderful. Thank you also for the wonderful class. If you record other such CDs or have some in stock, please think of me!”

Arne B.

“Dear Michael, Thanks a lot. By the way, I was thinking about that 2nd of January: What a wonderful yoga teacher! Once in a while somebody should just say it – Your unsteady and terribly stiff, but faithful student.”

Our experienced team of teachers and teacher trainers

We see our studio as a professional institute that wants to convey the benefits of a solid yoga practice to as many people as possible. Margareta Eckl and Michael Forbes are among the leading Iyengar yoga teachers in Europe. All of our other teachers have received intensive training over many years. They are not yoga trainers, but real teachers who also see themselves as learners. Everyone is in constant contact with the further development of Iyengar yoga in India, Europe and the USA. Newcomers are always welcome as participants (see, among other things, the introductory series); after this initial orientation, many continue to practice regularly in the course. Advanced students will find challenging courses and seminars that will continue to support them for years and decades. Prospective yoga teachers receive further training and support from the very beginning until they become established in the profession.

Modern rooms and extensive equipment

In the spring of 2005, after 14 years in Maistraße, we took over a complete floor of the office building Waltherstraße 23, Rgb. (one block away, at Goetheplatz) with almost 600 m². Construction work took 5 months and the first practice session was held in September. First, all existing walls, ceilings and floors were removed from the former open-plan office. Special load-bearing partition walls and wall ropes for approx. 60 participants, comprehensive ventilation with heat exchanger, ceiling ropes for approx. 50 participants and bamboo parquet flooring in all rooms were installed. There is now also a spacious lounge area, a checkroom with lockers and a shower. Now after almost 20 years here, we are glad to have made the investment in an optimal practice ambience and invite all those interested in yoga to get to know the studio personally.